Pet Sitting and Covid19

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Dogs and Corona Virus






Pet Sitting and Covid19

VIP’s team has been closely monitoring official news and guidance about the coronavirus pandemic in order to support our Clients and Pet sitters.

Pet sits are continuing to go ahead, and we are currently taking bookings for all services.

How clients can prepare for Covid19 at upcoming pet sits

  • As a matter of precaution, please avoid lengthy meetings/meet and greets, and always try to stay 2 meters away from your pet sitter.
  • We are advising all our pet sitters were possible to have little or no face to face contact with clients. If possible, conduct your meeting with online apps such as face-time, skype or Zoom. In regard to key collection for regular client’s, keys can either be posted to the pet sitter or left in a safe place for them to collect. If there is no other way and you must meet your pet sitter then all precautions should be taken including, face masks, gloves, and social distancing etc.
  • Communicate extensively with your pet sitter. Find out how they feel about things. Let them know if you are likely to change your plans if things get worse, or will you remain committed to your travel unless restrictions force you to change your plans?
  • If your pet sitter becomes unwell due to Covid19 they will inform VIPs immediately. VIPs will then contact the client to ask if they would like a replacement sitter.
  • If the client becomes unwell due to Covid19 your pet sitter is within their rights to refuse to carry out the booking. In either case Very Important pets need to be kept updated on the situation.
  • Please make sure you leave emergency funds for your pet sitter, before your departure. It might be necessary to stock up on extra pet supplies in a lock-down situation or top-up pet meds from the vets. Please check all supplies of cat litter, food etc before you leave.
  • Your pet sitter will insist on an emergency contact for all clients, in case of delays or sickness. We have also asked our pet sitters to keep a notification of who they are pet sitting for and the pets involved, in their wallet or handbag, together with the client’s emergency contact just in case they are taken sick.
  • Put in place a backup plan with the pet sitter to cover any delays, illness or quarantines. An example of something that could possibly arise is clients who are not able to return home when they originally planned due to Covid19.
  • As part of our standard pet-sitting practices, your pet sitters are asked to wash their hands with warm water and antibacterial soap between pet-sitting visits and wash their hands-on arrival at the client’s house and before they leave.
  • Also, on arrival at any booking they will wipe down with bacterial wipes, light switches, handles, taps and other frequent points of contact. We have also advised them to carry hand sanitiser with them on all bookings.

Travel advice for pet sitters.

Public Transport, Viruses are thought largely to be spread via droplets which land on shared surfaces. People catch the virus when they touch their infected hands to their face. Travelling at off peak times is one way to mitigate the risk of picking up an infection on the tube. But even then, it is possible to pick up droplets of respiratory diseases from surfaces, including tube poles, handles and seats, or even the escalator handrail. To reduce the risk, make sure that you wash your hands or use hand sanitiser after leaving the underground and do not touch your face or bite your nails while travelling. If you still don’t feel comfortable using public transport, you could walk, cycle, or get a lift off a friend. As a last resort you could contact the client and ask if they would be willing to contribute towards the cost of your taxi ride but please remember they are under no obligation to do this.

Updated Covid19 Cancellation policy

 For any Coronavirus related cancellation until further notice:

In the event of cancellation 5 days or more prior to the start of the booking, the non-refundable agency fee paid can be used towards a subsequent booking.

Cancellations made later than this will result in your agency fee being forfeited.

For any Coronavirus related cancellation until further notice:  The cancellation policy for Pet Sitters will be as follows: –

If cancellation is given to Very Important Pets in writing 5 days or more prior to the booking there will be no Pet Sitter’s charge.
If cancellation is given in writing less than 5 days prior to the booking the Pet Sitter’s fee will be charged at 25% of the Pet Sitter’s total fee.

Ensure you stay informed

Our focus right now is how we can best support our clients and pet sitters with planned travel. Given the health and safety risks posed by the virus, we ask all pet sitters to review local authorities’ travel guidance and health advisories related to this outbreak, in addition to global guidance from the World Health Organisation.

A list of reputable sources can be found below:

Keep up communication

As the situation evolves it is more important than ever that both sitters and clients communicate their status and travel plans. If you have any further questions about how Covid19 will affect pet sitting bookings please contact the office on



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