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Tula: Let it snow!

2nd February 2010Tula's BlogLeave a comment

TulaAm I the only one who has enjoyed the snow! While everyone was moaning about the cold and ice there I was, digging and playing in the snow having the best time ever! I enjoyed the snow so much that when it was time to get in the car after my walk, I would pretend that I couldn’t hear mum calling me, and would push my ball around in the snow in an attempt to stay out longer. Of course this didn’t work every time but it did buy me a few extra minutes in the snow until my mum got hold of me.

I think all the playing in the snow has paid a toll on my poor legs. I now have hip and spine problems so every now and again when I over do things I pull a muscle and it hurts! Mum tells me that I have to be careful not to hurt myself but I just can’t help it, it is so much fun playing with all my friends and my ball, I will try to be good, but I can’t promise anything.

I am heading up to Yorkshire again in February (I can’t wait!), as my mum is going away. The lovely girls at VIPs are going to look after things for me and mum while we are away. When mum goes away I get to stay with my vet and his wife in their Yorkshire farm house with their 3 dogs, Gertie, Bow and Banner. We have the best time chasing rabbits, sheep, deer, and playing 24/7.

I will have to be a little careful about my leg this time, but I can’t rest when there is fun to be had!

Tula x Woof Woof

Pastel Pet Portraits by Celeste Plowden

2nd February 2010Products & ServicesLeave a comment

Celeste Plowden learned the art of pastel painting through private instruction, after having spent her career as a designer of printed fabrics in the New York market place. She is a graduate of the College of Design, Art and Architecture at the University of Cincinnati, with a major in the History of Art.

Nowadays Celeste gives more time to pastel painting, and pet portraits are her specialty.

Pets are Celeste’s passion. Over the years she has had many cats and dogs, has shown dogs, and in 1986 she studied at the New York School of dog grooming and with her certification, began a freelance grooming business in New York City.

To view Celeste’s work visit her Flickr page.

Now exclusively through VIPs, you can have a pet portrait done for £125.00 when you supply your pet’s photo. However if you need Celeste to take a photo of your pet to be used in the portrait, this will cost £165.00.

New VIPs Cat Behaviourist

2nd February 2010Cat CareLeave a comment

Naomi Barlow VN BSc. MSc. (CABC) is a fully qualified Pet Behaviour Counsellor and an experienced Veterinary Nurse. Naomi specialises in the resolution of cat behaviour problems such as indoor spraying, inappropriate urination and defecation, scratching, aggression to other pets or humans, issues introducing cats, problems in multi-cat households and nervousness.

Clients are only seen on veterinary referral to importantly ensure that there is no physical cause for the behaviour problem. Veterinary referral is simple to arrange so please speak to your veterinary surgeon and mention you wish to be referred for a behavioural assessment.

Consultations take place in your own home and last approximately 2 hours. A history of the problem will be taken and your cat’s behaviour assessed. At the end of the consultation you will receive initial advice and a treatment programme will be devised that is individual to your cat. Only kind, reward based methods are used.

One consultation is usually sufficient to put an effective programme into action, followed with regular check-ups. The cost of a 2 hour consultation is £155. Follow up telephone calls are included in this fee and are arranged as necessary.

Tula: Christmas 2009

8th December 2009Tula's BlogLeave a comment

TulaWell where has the year gone!

We have just had our VIPs annual staff Christmas party – it was a fab night; we had about 30 of our lovely pet sitters attend last Thursday at VIPs HQ. Of course I was invited as the face of VIPs, I get to go to all the events! I had such a good night, I got presents, food, and unlimited cuddles from all the VIPs team, I just love my job!

We were invited to attend the Kings College Christmas Fair in Wimbledon Village on the 28th November where we had a stall advertising our pet services. It was such a cold day, myself and a 5 month old chocolate Labrador called Mocca were there as normal helping out.  Things got so cold at one stage that mum and Melanie had to go and buy us each a doggie coat. Mocca and I loved our new coats and it did help for a while but it got so cold that we had to be wrapped up in two huge blankets, Mocca and I snuggled up together and finally we warmed up.

I am hugely looking forward to Christmas this year; I think I must be the most spoilt dog on the planet! This year I have asked for a new Holly&Lil designer collar which I think I over heard my mum ordering last week, fingers crossed! I also get to see my Auntie Sarah who is the best Auntie in the world, she showers me with gifts and tummy tickles, she knows the exact spot were to tickle me and I can stand there for hours and she will just keep tickling, I love it.

Wishing you a very happy waggie Christmas and New Year.

Woof, Woof
Tula x

Christmas Pet Safety Tips

1st December 2009Pet Care2 Comments

Christmas pet safety tipsChristmas is a wonderful time of year – but not always for your pets! Here are some tips for keeping your pets out of danger.

Food to avoid giving your pet at Christmas

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Chocolate (highly toxic to pets)
  • Coffee
  • Mouldy or spoiled foods
  • Salt
  • Chicken or Turkey bones (they can splinter)

Avoid giving your pet any of your leftovers as this can cause diarrhoea. Also keep your pet away from cooked bones: they can splinter or get lodged in your pet’s throat or can cause serious damage by puncturing the intestinal tract.

Pet hazards around the Christmas tree

  • Fallen Christmas tree needles are very sharp and can easily get stuck in your pet’s paws or throat. Sweep tree needles up regularly or fence off your Christmas tree to separate your pet and tree.
  • Do not hang your chocolates from your Christmas tree: they are highly toxic and your pet will be tempted if he can see and smell them.
  • Cover up electric cords and flashing tree lights so your pet can’t chew them and electrocute himself.
  • Try using fairy lights that don’t flash as some pets when up close can get very scared by these.
  • Christmas tree decorations can cause a nasty accident or be fatal to your pet. Cats, and young pets especially, will show a great interest in decorations hanging from your tree. Try to use unbreakable decorations and nothing too small. Avoid tinsel or ribbons as these are dangerous to the gastrointestinal tract if your pet swallows them.
  • Make sure your tree is well anchored so your pet can’t pull it over.

Christmas pet safety tipsOther Christmas dangers to pets

  • Holly, mistletoe, lilies and yew trees are poisonous to pets and must be kept well out of reach.
  • Remember loud noises will panic your pet, such as Christmas crackers, poppers, balloons, and champagne bottles.
  • Remove your Christmas wrapping paper (and toys) from the floor to avoid your pet chewing or swallowing it.
  • For your pet’s safety this Christmas always buy your pet’s presents from a reputable pet shop or veterinary clinic.

For peace of mind please check your local veterinary surgery’s opening hours over the Christmas period and have their phone number to hand just in case you need it.

Most pet related Christmas dangers are easy to avoid so just have fun and remember to be pet safe!

Please contact us if you have any concerns or need our pet feeding or dog walking services over the Christmas period.

From all of us at Very Important Pets we wish you and your pets a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!