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  • Preparing For A New Cat

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Preparing For A New Cat
Preparing For A New Cat (PDF)

Sainsbury’s Bank (of all people) have created a very cute guide about getting a cat. Types of cats, the difference between pedigree and non-pedigree, how to help your cat settle into their new home. In fact, here’s the whole list of things they cover.

  • Are you ready to get a cat?
  • What type of cat?
  • Moggies or non-pedigrees
  • Pedigree
  • Choosing a kitten
  • Choosing an adult cat
  • What your cat will need
  • Bringing your cat home
  • Letting your cat explore
  • Letting your cat outside
  • Play and discipline
  • Protecting and looking after your cat

The last chapter makes it a bit clearer why Sainsbury’s Bank have produced this guide, pet insurance, which of course they offer. But hey, if it helps you choose your cat and settle him or her in properly then we’re all for it.

You can download the full guide here – Preparing For A New Cat.

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