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Essential items to have in your animal first aid kit

21st May 2018Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

Accidents and emergencies can sadly happen anywhere and at any time therefore it is good to always be prepared. Just like you have a human first aid kit at home it is a good idea to have animal first aid kit as well, this should be a small portable box or bag that can hold […]

Five reasons to consider a rescue pet

17th April 2018Cat Care, Dog CareLeave a comment

So you have decided you are able and have the time to take on a pet, great, this is an exciting time. Next up is deciding where to get that pet from – our advice? Your new best friend is waiting for you in a rescue centre and here is why.. – You are giving […]

Five things to consider when involving your pet in your wedding

27th March 2018Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet Care, Products & ServicesLeave a comment

At Very Important Pets our pet wedding services are becoming increasingly popular, and we can understand why, having your best friend at your wedding is essential, even if they are a dog! Our wedding packages are there to ensure everything involving your pet runs smoothly on the day, relieving any additional stress from you, but there […]

Easter Toxcities for Pets

15th March 2018Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

  Spring is officially on its way and with that Easter weekend is coming around again. For many this will mean lots sweet treats and beautiful flowers but be sure to keep your pets from the Easter toxicities listed below to ensure a fun time is had by all! Easter pet toxicities: Daffodils Effects from […]

Choosing the right pet for your family

2nd February 2018Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet Care1 Comment

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences, but with the joy they bring, from you they need dedication. Every pet is different and comes with individual needs and requirements, all of which need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right pet for you and your family. So how do you […]