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Caring for an older cat

2nd November 2017Cat CareLeave a comment

Just like people, as cats start to age, they slow down. However, with cats now living longer and longer it is important we start to recognise these changes and help our cats where we can. When do cats start to age? Cats are classed as seniors from the age of eight years old but it […]

Keep your pets safe this Halloween

4th October 2017Cat Care, Dog CareLeave a comment

For those that enjoy it, Halloween is an extremely fun time of year, but this does not mean our pets enjoy it too.  Halloween can be a fearful and confusing time for even the most social and brave pets, masks and fancy dress can be intimidating as well as loud and startling noises,  so it […]

Autumn Pet Toxcities

4th October 2017Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

The start of autumn marks the evenings drawing in and the leaves turning various shades of orange and red, it also brings with it different toxicities for our pets, our handy guide hopes to bring awareness to these autumnal dangers and in turn help keep your pets safe during the colder months. Rodenticides The use of rodenticides […]

Boredom Busters: The Best Cat Toys

6th September 2017Cat Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

Cats are naturally very inquisitive and intelligent animals and it is important to encourage these aspects of their personality with both mental and physical stimulation. With the increased rise in indoor only cats it has become even more important to mimic an outdoor cats activities, this can have additional benefits such as keeping your cat […]

Caring for a cat with chronic kidney disease

2nd August 2017Cat CareLeave a comment

In the UK, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is thought to affect 1% of patients registered to a veterinary practice at any one time. The frequency of CKD is much higher in older cats and is estimated to affect 30% of cats over the age of fifteen years. Although chronic kidney disease is a progressive disease, […]