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Christmas Pet Hazards

13th December 2016Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet Care1 Comment

Christmas pet hazards With Christmas fast approaching no doubt your home will now be filled with lots of goodies to feed your visitors and decorate your home. Unfortunately for your pets there are many Christmas Pet Hazards around the home for them. Vets see an increase in poisoning in pets over the Christmas season due […]

Do cats truly like each other?

4th August 2016Cat CareLeave a comment

It is popular these days to have Multi-cat households but do cats truly like each other? So do cats truly like each other? Cats require certain space in their territory, depending on their gender, age and neutering status they may require more space or be more territorial than others. Cats have their ‘core’ territory which is essential space where they […]

New Kitten Guide

15th May 2016Cat Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

The start of any new relationship can be tricky, read our New Kitten Guide to help you through it! Know your kitten Before taking your kitten home for the first time make sure you know what socialisation plan she has followed. From around 8 weeks old kittens should have started to be litter trained, had […]

Build Your Cat a Better Life

16th December 2015Cat CareLeave a comment

We came across this infographic recently which gives all you DIYers some ideas for things to build for your cat. From a simple lidded litter box to a cat tree and scratching post. With a little patience and some DIY knowledge you can make your cat some great things for the home. There are simple instructions […]

Preparing For A New Cat

18th June 2015Cat CareLeave a comment

Sainsbury’s Bank (of all people) have created a very cute guide about getting a cat. Types of cats, the difference between pedigree and non-pedigree, how to help your cat settle into their new home. In fact, here’s the whole list of things they cover. Are you ready to get a cat? What type of cat? Moggies or […]