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Cystitis Tips for the Female Cat

10th April 2010Cat CareLeave a comment

By David Brooks MRCVS of Pet Insurance Expert. Cystitis in cats is an all too common occurrence, especially with inner city cats. All cats with cystitis should be seen by a veterinarian as typically this condition responds well and more quickly with medications. Below are my recommendations for both aiding the treatment process and also […]

New VIPs Cat Behaviourist

2nd February 2010Cat CareLeave a comment

Naomi Barlow VN BSc. MSc. (CABC) is a fully qualified Pet Behaviour Counsellor and an experienced Veterinary Nurse. Naomi specialises in the resolution of cat behaviour problems such as indoor spraying, inappropriate urination and defecation, scratching, aggression to other pets or humans, issues introducing cats, problems in multi-cat households and nervousness. Clients are only seen […]