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How to Prepare Your Dog for Winter

2nd November 2019Dog CareLeave a comment

Winters can be a lot of fun for pet owners and their dogs if they prepare for it. Most dogs have ample fur coats but these might not provide foolproof protection against extremely low temperatures. How to Prepare Your Dog for Winter The common winter issues that affect dogs include: Frostbite on paws. Injury due […]

Are Conkers Poisonous to Dogs? Signs, Symptoms and What to Do!

2nd November 2019Dog CareLeave a comment

Horse chestnut trees drop hard conkers (dark brown nuts) from September onwards. In autumn you will find a large number of conkers in the woods and streets. If you are a dog owner you should keep a close watch on what your dog eats when you take it walking. A chemical named aesculin is found […]

Why You Should Consider A Rescue As Your Next Pet

23rd August 2019Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

Bringing home your next pet is often an exhilarating experience. When you adopt a pet from a rescue, you not just feel excited but also feel good. You will not be surprised to know that there are hundreds of pets at rescue centres waiting to be adopted. Top Reasons to Adopt Your Next Pet from […]

5 Ways to Challenge and Enrich Your Dog’s Mind

23rd August 2019Dog CareLeave a comment

Pet owners know the importance of providing physical activity or exercise to dogs. Most often they forget that dogs need mental stimulation too. When you provide your pet dog mental activities, it will engage their brain and keep it sharp. Challenging mental exercise and brain games will keep your pet mentally active. You will be […]

Ways Having A Pet Can Teach Children About Responsibility From A Young Age

23rd August 2019Cat Care, Dog CareLeave a comment

Adding a pet to your family is a great way to teach children to take responsibility from a young age. Pets teach children important and valuable lessons like compassion, patience, responsibility, respect, empathy, and trust. When you include your young one in the care of a pet they learn how to love and nurture another […]