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Is Your Dog Terrified Of Fireworks?

1st November 2010Dog CareLeave a comment

By David Brooks MRCVS of Pet Insurance Expert. Noise fears or phobias in dogs are among the most common of the behavioural problems, but are frequently ineffectively managed. They are most easily treated with early identification and intervention where possible. So what are the signs to look out for? Inappetance Increased restlessness, shaking or trembling […]

Why it’s Important for Your Dog to Get His Kennel Cough Vaccination

10th October 2008Dog CareLeave a comment

Kennel cough or infectious bronchitis is a very contagious disease of the respiratory system that can affect dogs of all ages. Kennel Cough is an airborne virus that is spread through the air by infected dogs sneezing and coughing and dogs will develop a very harsh dry hacking cough that lasts several weeks. The good news […]