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The New Puppy Owner’s Guide

7th June 2019Dog CareLeave a comment

Bringing a new puppy home is often exhilarating. The prospect of adding a new puppy to the family is incredibly exciting. Having a puppy is a huge commitment. It is a decision that you will have to think through. Raising a puppy is both rewarding and frustrating. Don’t worry. The new puppy owner’s guide will […]

Fun And Interactive Games To Play With Your Dog

16th May 2019Dog CareLeave a comment

Dogs need playtime to relieve boredom and burn off energy. Interactive and fun games are the best way to keep your dog entertained and are a great way to keep your pet active, busy, and out of trouble. Puzzle Challenges A large selection of interactive puzzle toys are available to buy for your pet dog. […]

Caring for a Senior Dog – Helpful Tips and Tricks

25th April 2019Dog CareLeave a comment

As with people, dogs slow down with age. You may notice subtle changes in their personality or attitude, some may start to slow down on walks, become hard of hearing or even forgetful of routines they have had for years. Some changes are all part of the ageing process and are not cause for concern, […]

5 Adventure pets to follow on Instagram

27th February 2019Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

In the Very Important Pet’s office, we love nothing more than following cute pets on Instagram but our favourite accounts are always the adventure loving pets. Adventure pets are the ones out there living their best lives, they travel with their owners and are pets which are essentially out there seeing the world. Here are […]

A Guide to the Cocker Spaniel

14th February 2019Dog Care1 Comment

One of the most beautiful breeds of the dog world, the Cocker Spaniel is amenable with a cheerful disposition which also makes him a treat to have in the family.  Cocker Spaniels are always pleased when they are pleasing you, the quick to learn, playful breed makes for a great pet in a family of […]