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Keep Calm and Learn Pet First Aid

27th August 2013Pet Care, VIPs News3 Comments

How would you cope with a pet medical emergency? Would you like to learn basic pet first aid? Join Very Important Pets for an interactive evening seminar with one of our qualified Veterinary Nurses, covering all aspects of pet first aid. See the flyer below for more details. There is also a PDF version of […]

Pet Craniosacral Therapy at Animal Cranio

30th August 2012Pet CareLeave a comment

Some amongst you may have come across Craniosacral Therapy for yourselves or have heard of its popularity treating new born babies, or for behavioural difficulties with children and you may have discovered benefits to your physical or emotional well being. Former Harley Street Craniosacral practitioner Simon Egerton (now works from his home in central London) has extended his […]

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Pet Heat Exhaustion

16th May 2011Pet CareLeave a comment

Here are our 10 top tips for looking after your pet in the heat. NEVER leave your pet in a parked car alone even in the shade. Always provide fresh cool water to keep them well hydrated and take water with you if you’re on the go. On hot days, make sure they don’t over […]

Looking after Pets in the Heat

14th May 2011Pet CareLeave a comment

Summer is on its way. This means trips to the beach or the local park and plenty of time spent outside for you and your pets to enjoy the sunshine. People love to share many of their summer activities with their pets, especially their dogs. Unfortunately, every summer many beloved pets suffer or even die […]

Fleas: How To Rid Your Pet Of Them

22nd April 2011Pet CareLeave a comment

By David Brooks MRCVS of Pet Insurance Expert. There are several different types of flea, but by far the most common is Ctenocephalides felis, also known as the cat flea. Though it is called the cat flea, it is the species most often found on dogs as well. Unless your pet has a severe infestation, […]