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Boredom Busters: The Best Cat Toys

6th September 2017Cat Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

Cats are naturally very inquisitive and intelligent animals and it is important to encourage these aspects of their personality with both mental and physical stimulation. With the increased rise in indoor only cats it has become even more important to mimic an outdoor cats activities, this can have additional benefits such as keeping your cat […]

Top tips for keep pets cool in the summer sun

30th August 2017Pet Care, UncategorisedLeave a comment

Unlike human, many domestic species can’t sweat through their skin and so rely on panting or releasing heat through their pads and nose to regulate their body temperature and keep cool. Imagine wearing a thick coat throughout summer and you may begin to understand why it is so important to help your pets out in […]

Clinical Canine Massage

25th May 2017Pet CareLeave a comment

COULD YOUR DOG BENEFIT FROM A MASSAGE? Yes you read that correctly! If your dog is showing signs of increased stiffness, slowing down on walks, experiencing a change in gait or activities of daily living, your dog may indeed benefit from a clinical canine massage. Clinical canine massage is a complimentary therapeutic treatment that is […]

Coping with an absent friend

5th April 2017Pet CareLeave a comment

Coping with an absent friend Having a pet creates a sense of attachment between a human and an animal, a bond which strengthens over time. As human beings we are social animals and genetically programmed to form relationships, especially when there is an element of dependency involved. Right from the beginning of life as Children […]

Some Dogs Need Space

23rd March 2017Dog Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

Some dogs need space Some dogs need space! As a dog trainer one of the most common problems I see is dog to dog reactivity. Many dogs find socializing with other dogs very difficult for various reasons. They may be fearful of other dogs because they have had bad experiences or they may never have […]