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Things to consider when getting a puppy

6th September 2016Dog Care, Pet Care1 Comment

Things to consider when getting a puppy  Getting a new puppy? Where from? Firstly, never get your puppy from an unknown source. Puppy farms are horrible places where bitches are over bred and all dogs are kept in poor conditions. There is little regard for the dogs well being as profit is the main aim. There […]

Environmental enrichment for rabbits and guinea pigs

24th August 2016Pet CareLeave a comment

Environmental enrichment rabbits guinea pigs The oxford dictionary defines enrichment as “the act of improving the quality of something, often by adding something to it”. Enriching any animal’s environment will make their lives better but it is especially important for animals kept in cages or confined to the house when their natural environment is outdoors. […]

Pet First Aid

4th August 2016Pet Care, VIPs NewsLeave a comment

Would you know what to do in a pet medical emergency? Do you know Pet First Aid? Many pet owners wouldn’t. The key is to remain calm and think logically. After many years as a veterinary nurse I know how difficult this can be but it is essential in order to act quickly and save […]

Pet Safety During Summer

19th July 2016Pet CareLeave a comment

Wow it’s hot out there!! With the summer months and increasing temperatures upon us we have to put measures in place to keep our pets safe and cool. Here are our pet safety during summer tips! Over heating is one of the most common problems that vets see in the summertime. We know how important […]

Pet Holiday Care – The options!

5th July 2016Pet CareLeave a comment

Pet Holiday Care What is the best option for YOUR pet while you are away? Summer is finally here so you may be thinking about your holiday, but what plans have you made for pet holiday care while you are away? There are various options available for the care of your furry loved ones but […]