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Pet Sitting and Covid19

30th June 2020UncategorisedLeave a comment

            Pet Sitting and Covid19 VIP’s team has been closely monitoring official news and guidance about the coronavirus pandemic in order to support our Clients and Pet sitters. Pet sits are continuing to go ahead, and we are currently taking bookings for all services. How clients can prepare for Covid19 […]

Fun Ways for Your Dog and Child to Spend Time Together This Summer

3rd July 2019UncategorisedLeave a comment

Summer is the time when the days are long and the weather is warm. There are many fun, exciting, and engaging activities that you can plan for your child and dog. Here are some fun ways for your child and dog to spend time together this summer. Go to the Park A park is a […]

Smart Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summmer

3rd July 2019UncategorisedLeave a comment

The summer months are here. The hot weather can create a spot of bother for your pet cat. Your cat will not just feel hot and bothered but it will also increase the risk of dehydration and heatstroke. Here are some simple and smart ways to keep your pet cat cool this hot summer. Plenty […]

A Guide to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

11th March 2019UncategorisedLeave a comment

When looking for ways to describe the Staffordshire Bull Terrier often you will hear courageous, intelligent and a strong love of children. Despite often getting a bad reputation this loveable lively breed with steal the hearts of anyone who meets them making them the perfect family pet. Facts about Staffordshire Bull Terriers Temperament: Lively and […]

Child safety around dogs

1st October 2018UncategorisedLeave a comment

As a parent or carer it’s important you put steps in place to ensure your child and your dog can live happily together. Making sure your young child knows how to behave around dogs is a valuable skill for them to learn in life. Your children need to be taught that the puppy is not […]