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10 tips to keep your dog safe this Halloween!

1st October 2018UncategorisedLeave a comment

Halloween can be fun for the whole family and in recent years it has become more and more popular. But can also be stressful and dangerous for your pet dog. Your dog may be exposed to many unfamiliar sights and sounds, especially with so many scary costumes about. How to keep your dog safe on […]

Top tips for keep pets cool in the summer sun

30th August 2017Pet Care, UncategorisedLeave a comment

Unlike human, many domestic species can’t sweat through their skin and so rely on panting or releasing heat through their pads and nose to regulate their body temperature and keep cool. Imagine wearing a thick coat throughout summer and you may begin to understand why it is so important to help your pets out in […]

World Wildlife Day March 3rd

3rd March 2017In The News, UncategorisedLeave a comment

World Wildlife Day At VIPs we take our role in the animal world very seriously. Today has been designated World Wildlife Day by the UN. This is a time when we recognise the serious impact that humans have on wildlife and what we can do to lessen or even reverse some of our actions. The […]