New Puppy Socialisation Classes for the Wimbledon Dog School

3rd May 2011VIPs News10 Comments

There’s something exciting about getting a new puppy isn’t there? But if you want your little bundle of fur to become a well-behaved and well-adjusted dog its worth investing in puppy training classes.

Our puppy training classes are great fun for you and your dog and they’ll help you to develop a happy and rewarding relationship with your puppy.

Next puppy training classes start:

  • May 17th to 7th June
  • June 21st to 12th July
  • July 19th to 9th August
  • August 16th to 6th September

Please contact us if you’re interested in any of these dates.

10 Responses to “New Puppy Socialisation Classes for the Wimbledon Dog School”

  1. Steve says:

    Good evening,

    We are interested in our 5 month old jack russel attending training. Ideally would like the next set of classes – just wondering if you have a bit more detail? Price and location primarily

    Kind regards


  2. Louise Root says:

    Hello Steve
    The course which I think will suit your dog would be our adolescent class. it runs on a Tuesday evening starting at 8.15pm for 4 weeks for an hour each session. The next class enrollment date is June 19th.It is designed for dogs aged 6 months upward that have already taken a puppy training class at VIPs or elsewhere and already have ‘sit’ ‘down’ and ‘stand’ signals. There will be no off lead play as this class is more geared for training than socialization.

    The classes will cover the following:
    • Getting you and your dog working off-lead with heel work which will improve your dogs etiquette with things like going through doorways and crossing the road.
    • Helping you to get more solid stay and recall commands.
    • Using commands/signals from a distance.
    • We will also teach some tricks for fun!

    The course fee is £85 and is payable directly to Heidi Zouroudis
    The venue is :

    Christ Church Hall
    Cnr. Ridgeway and Cottenham Park Road.

    if you would liike to enroll please email for the registration forms.

    Looking forward to hearing from you if you would like to take part.

  3. Sally says:

    We have recently rescued a 18 week puppy and would like to do some socialisation classes. Are they any running in Wimbledon?

    • Louise Root says:

      Good morning
      Thank you for your email enquiry. we do have classes running in January. I will email you over the details
      Heidi Zouroudis RVN and Dog Trainer

  4. Melissa says:

    Hello merry Christmas! I am really interested in getting my puppy into socilisation and more importantly training classes. He is 10 weeks old and will be having his 2nd jab this week! I live in Wimbledon and look forward to hearing from you!
    Best wishes.


  5. Helen says:

    I am interested in getting my dog,a jack russel of sorts, into training classes. However she is a rescue dog and we don’t know how old she is exactly but estimate she is around 2 or 3…..Is this aged dog too old for training?


  6. Sara says:


    I have two puppies 14 weeks old one JRT and one Poodle. Would like to have information about your socialisation classes and any Saturday classes?


  7. Claudine Spiteri says:

    We are interested in socialisation classes for our 9 week old puppy. Do you have any running that we could join from next week?

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