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Welcome to Very Important Pets’ ‘Pet Sitter’ application form. This will take approximately 8 minutes to complete. Please get in touch if you need any help filling out the form or experience any errors. When you are ready to begin, click the button below.

You will need to prepare the following items in order to fill out the application:

  • A clear identification/passport photo – (.jpg/.png) This will be uploaded straight on to the application form and used strictly for identity verification.
  • Contact details for your referees – both personal and professional.

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Section 1

  • Personal Information

Section 2

Living Arrangements

Section 3

Transport & Travel

Section 4

Animal Experience

Section 5


  • Please tick each box to tell us which services you are happy to undertake.
    For a description of each service we offer please refer to the supporting documents.

Section 6

Employment History

Please give your recent employment information for at least the last 5 years including
professional references and details of any other pet-sitting companies you have worked
for whether employed directly or as a self-employed person.

    • Dates
    • Dates
    • Dates
    • Dates

Section 7

Personal References

  • Please give us details of at least one person who can give you a reference regarding
    your animal experience and your current or most recent employer.

  • Personal references must not be from relatives. If you are not able to give us
    a professional reference then we require two personal references.

Section 8


Section 9

Criminal History

  • We require you to send us a valid and current Basic Disclosure (previously
    known as a CRB or Criminal Record Bureau check). You must provide a
    copy with this application and produce the original if invited to interview.

Section 10

Pet Sitters Insurance

  • We require you to be insured prior to starting work for VIPs. We can assist you with this, please ask for details at your interview.

Section 10

  • Declaration

    • If you application is successful some of the information contained within this form will be transferred to our database to help us select you for assignments. This information will not be disclosed to any third party and will be kept

    • Please note that we require a passport size photograph for identification purposes.
      This can be uploaded as part of your online application form. Please remember to
      bring your passport to your interview.