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  • Christmas Pet Hazards


Christmas Pet hazards

With Christmas fast approaching no doubt your home will now be filled with lots of goodies to feed your visitors and decorate your home. Unfortunately for your pets there are many Christmas Pet Hazards around the home for them.

Vets see an increase in poisoning in pets over the Christmas season due to the special foods we have added to our shopping list. There are many Christmas pet hazards

Items which commonly cause poisoning and accidents around Christmas time include:

Christmas pet hazards

Christmas pet hazards

* Poinsettia plants, lilies, holly, mistletoe and the Christmas tree itself.

* Minced pies, raisins and grapes and sultanas

* Chocolate

* Macadamia nuts

* Sweets and candies containing xylitol (a sugar substitute found in many sweets)

* Paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen and many other ‘human’ medications.

* Alcohol

* Candles

* Electrical cables for fairy lights

Here are some reminders on things to do to keep your beloved furry friends safe:

* Make sure your visitors know that they must not feed your dog any of the danger foods.

* Don’t put presents under the tree until you check with the giver that they don’t contain food. Dogs are easily tempted by food left on surfaces and     may well investigate presents under the tree for food too!

* If you go out for a long day make sure dogs are well exercised first and have plenty of water to drink while you are out. Leave the radio on for some        company and why not ask a friendly neighbour to let them out for a toilet break during the day.

* Cold weather can also pose a risk to dogs when out walking such as frozen ponds and ice on roads.

* Have your vet’s emergency number to hand should you need it if they are closed. Check our favourite Vets page for details on vets we recommend in your area.

* Remember that there are likely to be fireworks over the festive period which could upset some pets. Keep cats indoors after dark. Find some helpful tips on how to help your pet during fireworks on our blog: Helping pets with fireworks fears.

Have a very Merry Christmas one and all!

From the entire team at Very Important Pets

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