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  • The easiest ways to give your cat a tablet

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For a variety of reasons, it is inevitable throughout your cat’s life that you will need to give tablet at some point, for some cats this can be a simple task, but others can be slightly more tricky, but our video above aims to simplify the process for you.  It is important the situation is as stress free as possible for everyone involved, most importantly your cat. It is also important to remember that less is more with the majority of cats and we also strongly advise against the use of scruffing in cats.
If you have a young kitten, it is a good idea to get them used to tableting from a young age and with them needing worming more frequently when in kittenhood, this should hopefully become a simple process over time.

If you do not feel comfortable enough to give your cat a tablet with the method used in the above video, rest assured there are still other methods that you can try:

Crushing the Tablet (Not all medication can be crushed – so ask your Veterinary Surgeon before trying this method)
Crush the tablet in to a small (table spoon) amount of food and mix well, we advise this over their normal amount of food as some cats will eat around the part with the tablet inside, after your cat has finished the mixed portion they can then be offered the rest as normal. For the tablet food it may be worth also using a smellier food than normal to cover any medication smells that make your cat suspicious.

Hide the tablet
Many companies have now realised that cats are not the easiest animals to tablet so have brought out various products to help us, our favourites include pill pockets – a tasty treat that hides the tablet inside and kitty liver paste which can be used to smother the tablet and hide the taste, instead turning it into a tasty treat.

Hire help
If you are struggling with medicating your cat and you are worried it will have a negative effect on your relationship then you can always ask for someone with perhaps a bit more experience to help you. At VIPS were have a whole bank of pet sitters (many Veterinary Nurses) who are confident and experienced at medicating even the trickiest of patients, you can find out more information about this here

Talk to your Vet
Always remember that your Veterinary Practice are there to help you and they are always happy to. If you discuss your concerns with them they may be able to offer other alternative ways of medicating your cat to help everyone feel less stressed.

This video was filmed in conjunction with Maven Veterinary Centre in Cheam who our one of favourite and trusted vets.

tablet your cat - grey cat on chair

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