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  • Top Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained

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Cats are cute and playful. It can be a challenge to keep them entertained especially if they are indoors. Life can be monotonous for an indoor cat. A bored cat gets stressed. Cats need to be kept active. Interactive playtime will keep them healthy and stimulated.

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Here are the top ways to keep the indoor car entertained.

  • Cardboard Boxes

Cats love playing with cardboard boxes. Whether it is playing hide and seek or bounding in and out, cardboard boxes are a fun way to keep the cat entertained. A cardboard box poses little risk to the cat and can be easily replaced if damaged.

Cats love hunting for things. Hide their favourite toy in a box. They will start hunting for these toys by flipping the boxes. This engages their natural instincts and they will keep playing for hours.

  • Toys and Food Puzzles

If your car is motivated by food, you can use food-based puzzles to keep them occupied. The puzzle toys are stuffed with small pieces of cat food. The treats are released only when the cat figures out the right method. This stimulates both their mind and body.

Keep cat toys hidden around your home. Rotate the place where you hide the toys so that the cat’s interest is maintained throughout the day. Toys resembling prey are popular with cats. Move the toys away and forward so that the cat tries to catch them.

  • Cat Furniture

Cats love to scratch at things. Scratch posts and benches keep the cat happy and engaged for hours. Cat furniture will also protect the other furniture at home. Train your cat to take out their natural instincts on the scratch posts instead of chairs and couches in your home.

  • Create A Special Space

Create a designated play space for your cat. The play zone can contain different activities to keep the cat entertained. It is important that you set boundaries to the play area. This will help contain the play area to the special space.

  • Paper Bags

Paper bags are an engaging piece of material that cats love. They are similar to cardboard boxes and cats like to pounce in and out of them. Even when the paper bags are torn, you can turn them into different shapes to engage the cat. To make it extra fun, place catnip inside the bag to engage your cat with fun, engaging smells.

  • Provide an Outside View

Cats love watching the outside world go by. Leave the window blinds open so that they can watch the outside world and get entertained. Create a place near the window so that the cat can stroll and lounge and get a clear view of the outside world.

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