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  • Five Benefits of Pets for Children

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The UK is a nation of animal lovers with over 27 million pets owned throughout the country. From cats to dogs, guinea pigs to bearded dragons, pets offer a special kid of companionship for all the family, but children in particular can benefit from these early bonds.

Pets can help with confidence

Pets can provide a companionship which is not judged, in turn, along with the responsibility of caring for the pet, can bring confidence to a child. Studies have shown that children who have had pets from a young age grow quickly in confidence as well as the ability to show empathy towards others.

Pets can help with family bonds

Pets can help to bring families together and create stronger bonds. Families with pets tend to spend more time together by joining in on daily walks or by playing with the family pet. The family pet will become a social aspect for family and friends, becoming a potential bridge between a less socially out going person and others.

Pets can help with health

Studies have shown children that grow up with pets grow to have more highly developed immune systems. Alongside this spending time with animals and stroking animals have been shown to lower blood pressure in people of all ages, creating a calming and relaxing experience for all involved.

Pets can help to encourage childhood responsibility

As children are shown how to care for their pet they learn responsibility from a young age. Giving them tasks to ensure their pet is kept healthy, well and happy will give them an early sense of importance as well as a strong understanding in the importance of helping others.

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