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  • New Kitten Guide


New Kitten Guide

The start of any new relationship can be tricky, read our New Kitten Guide to help you through it!

Know your kitten

  • Before taking your kitten home for the first time make sure you know what socialisation plan she has followed.
  • From around 8 weeks old kittens should have started to be litter trained, had their first vaccinations and been positively introduced to new people and places.

Toys and accessories

  • Cats love to play. It helps hone their hunting skills and is a fantastic way of bonding with your VIP.
  • Invest in some toys to create a stimulating environment when you are not around.
  • Scratching posts and places to climb are also important for your kitten’s development and well-being.


  • Cats like consistency. It makes them feel safe and confident.New Kitten Guide
  • Keep them on the same food and don’t move their litter tray or food or water bowls.
  • Introduce new things gradually and reward good behaviour.
  • If your kitten is naughty don’t shout or admonish. Cats can get stressed quickly. Simply ignore bad behaviour and your kitten will get the message.

Vaccinations and Neutering

  • Around 12 weeks into their lives kittens will need their second round of vaccinations.
  • You should also talk to your vet about worming and neutering. Cats that have been neutered generally lead longer and happier lives.

Find a good vet

  • Go and visit your vet early to meet and greet and make sure your kitten has a positive experience.
  • Book in your kitten vaccinations and arrange treatment for fleas and worms.
  • Also ask about neutering at the correct age.

You are what you eatNew Kitten Guide

  • Source a good quality kitten food with a quality source of protein and avoid colourings flavourings and preservatives where you can.
  • A poor diet can be reflected in your kittens coat condition and digestive function.

Aid boredom

  • Make sure you have lots of kitten friendly toys to keep your kitten entertained, and a scratching post is also useful.

Continued development

  • Cats will learn all their lives but especially so in their first year.
  • Keep socialising and playing with your VIP.
  • Building trust is essential in ensuring your cats continued well-being. Make sure you talk to your vet about changing dietary needs and any health issues.

If you would like further information on our new kitten guide or need kitten care then please contact us.

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