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  • Five reasons to consider a rescue pet


So you have decided you are able and have the time to take on a pet, great, this is an exciting time. Next up is deciding where to get that pet from – our advice? Your new best friend is waiting for you in a rescue centre and here is why..

– You are giving an animal a second chance at life, animals end up in rescues for all sorts of reasons, however, despite unwanted litters, the majority of them have had to leave somewhere they once called home. When you are take on a rescue you are giving them a forever home and with that a second chance at life.

– The majority of rescue centres will ensure your new addition is vaccinated, neutered and has a microchip before you take them home, so as well as taking on a new friend you will also be saving yourself a large amount of money.

-They will also probably be house trained already, saving you a lot of mess!

– You will be joining the fight against puppy farming. Puppy farming is an ever growing issue in the UK, and the more demand their is for puppies, the more this horrible industry will grow. By taking on a rescue pet, you are taking a stand against this issue.

– You will bringing home a heart of pure gold. The sad truth is there are thousands of pets in rescue homes in the UK waiting to find their forever home, some of which have been there for months on end. While we have no scientific evidence to prove, we can assure you of how grateful they will be when take a chance on them.

A few rescue centres to consider include: 
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
Epsom Canine Rescue
Foal Farm Animal Rescue 
Dogs Trust 
The Cats Protection 

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