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  • Top tips to keep your dog cool in the hot weather

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We all enjoy the British summer time and love getting outside in the sunshine, but it is important to remember our pets sometimes find the heat harder to deal with than us. Our pets can also be affected by heatstroke and sadly at times it can be fatal, but thankfully it can also be avoided, here are our tops tips to keep your dog cool in the summer heat.

Top tips to keep your dog cool in the hot weather


Always assure shade is readily available for your dog, whether this is in your garden or out at the park or beach. This shade should easily accessible for your dog at all times and it should be a comfy place where they can retreat to if needed.


It goes without saying that water should always be available to your pet, but during the hotter months it is important to ensure it is cool as well. Try adding ice cubes to their water dish or even making flavoured (such as chicken) ice cubes as a tasty treat to cool them down during the summer.

Cooling mats

You will often find that your pet will seek the coolest floor on a hot day, such as a the kitchen or bathroom tiles over the living room carpet, ensure they have access to this at all times. Self cooling mats are also a great addition to any house hold and are small enough to be easily transported on days out.

Cold Towels

Towels dampened with cool (not icy) water are great way of keeping a warm dog cool, but these are not always readily available when out and about, so cooling towels normally used in the gym can be a great way of getting around this.

Avoid walking in the heat of the day

During the hotter months it is essential that we are avoid walking our dogs during the hottest parts of the day. It is advisable to walk your dog in either early morning and or late evenings, and you because of this you may find that our dog walkers will request to walk your dog at a different time on the hotter days.

Hot Cars

It goes with out saying that we should never be leaving any animal alone in a hot car, but even when travelling in the car with them during the summer months ensure the air conditioning is on and a fresh air flow is moving through out the car to prevent over heating on car journeys.

Shallow Paddling Pools

Shallow paddling pools can be great fun for a dog, especially a warm one, so having one in your garden can be great during the summer months. However it is crucial that a dog is never left unattended with a paddling pool or when near water when out and about.

Signs of heatstroke

Even when being careful with your pet in the heat it is essential to know the signs of heat stroke incase the worst happen. It is also important to be aware that brachycephalic dogs, such as bulldogs, pugs, etc, are more sensitive to the heat and therefore more prone to heatstroke.

Signs of heatstroke: 

Excessive Panting
Excessive saliva production

You should contact your Vet immediately if you suspect your pet maybe suffering from heatstroke.

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