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  • International homeless animal day

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At VIP’s we want to raise awareness for International Homeless Animal Day. Set up by the International Society of Animal Rights (ISAR), today is set up to help shed light on pet over-population and in turn the cats and dogs that live on the streets in various countries around the world.
On the third Saturday in August each year ISAR take to social media to alert the importance of rescue centres and hold multiple spay and neuter clinics around the world.

Although, the situation in the UK is not as bad as other places throughout the globe, unwanted cat litters is still very much an issue and a preventable one at that. Neutering your cat is a simple solution to many issues our cats may face if they remain entire, to find out more and book your cat’s neutering contact your Veterinary Surgeon, our list of local preferred Veterinary Surgeons can be found here. 


If you are thinking about adding a new addition to your family, we would ask you to consider a rescue who is looking for their forever home. There are many rescue centres throughout the UK who will be able to assist you in find your perfect match.

At VIPS, we actively support:
The Dog’s Trust
The Cat’s Protection 

As well as smaller rescue charities such as: 
Foal Farm Animal Rescue
Last Chance Rescue Home 
Epsom Canine Rescue

If you are not quite ready for a new addition to your family, why not consider making a donation to an animal rescue shelter this International Homeless Animal Day? All around the globe people are dedicating their lives to helping the animal’s that have found themselves on the streets, we especially love the work that British Vet Janey Lowes is doing for the Sri Lankan street dogs with the charity We Care, a charity she set up after a inspirational trip to the Asian

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