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  • National Pet Month – April

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National Pet Month – April

We love our pets, especially so at VIPs. It’s our life! So we support National Pet Month as an opportunity to share tips on responsible pet ownership and highlight some of the hard working charities that depend on public support.

Everyone in our team has owned pets. Cats, dogs, bunnies, lizards you name it! We all love our VIP family members and think
there are some simple tips for being a responsible owner and keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Before you become an owner there a few things to consider:

  • All pets take time out of your schedule. If you get a dog will you have time to walk him at least twice a day?
  • Can you spare 30 minutes a day to play with your cats? Have you understood how long it takes to clean a rabbit hutch or vivarium?
  • Can you afford a well-balanced and appropriate diet?
  • Have you looked at the cost of pet insurance? Vet bills can be huge so insurance is really a must.
  • What will you do about caring from them while you’re away on business or holiday?
  • What housing, bedding and other equipment will you need?
  • Have you got enough space in your home for a pet?

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility but can also be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. As long as you do the boring bits like planning and budgeting then the rest will be easy and the fun can start!

So many people own pets and give them a fantastic life. However there are a few people who don’t live up to their responsibilities.  When this happens our little friends need looking after and there are some brilliant people and organisations that come to their aid.

We support a few:

The Mayhew home

The Mayhew Animal Home is currently one of the busiest and most effective animal welfare organisations in London, helping thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals escape a life of abandonment, neglect and cruelty each year.

The Blue Cross

Blue Cross Merton animal hospital carries out around 12,000 veterinary consultations every year. The hospital was opened in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. It has a hub design to provide easy access between four consultation rooms, an operating theatre, X-ray room and kennels.

On a more global scale we also support:


Founded in 2005, TOLFA is a charity with animal welfare and people’s empowerment at its heart.  They currently operate an anim
al hospital and related educational and support programmes in Rajasthan, Northern India. Since 2005 TOLFA has provided medical care, vaccinations, veterinary treatment and spay/neuter services to more than 100,000 animals.

Have a great month!

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