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  • Essential Kit For Your Pet Sitter

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Leaving your beloved pet with a sitter for the first time can be nerve-wracking, at Very Important Pets we understand that. Which is why all of sitters go through a strict interview and reference checks before working for us. Once you have met your pet sitter and your pet is happy with your choice too, there are some things you can do and prepare to ensure your pet sitter can provide the best service for you and your pet.

It  depends on whether you have a live in pet sitter or are sending your pet to board or maybe you are having daily visits from the sitter. Each service is slightly different so the pet sitter might require a different kit in order to care appropriately for your pet.

Essential Kit For Your Pet Sitter

  • Enough supplies for your pet to last in your absence e.g. food, cat litter, bedding, straw, treats, medication, collar, lead, bowls and toys.
  • Household instructions in case of emergency. E.g. stop cock location. Boiler repair man contact details, spare key holder info, alarm trouble shooting tips.
  • Pet medical care information. Vets contact details. Allergies or foods not to feed.
  • Depending on your arrangement you may need to leave the pet sitter some food for their stay. You should ask when you book if this is required or included in their fee. Even if the sitter is responsible for providing their own food it is nice to at least leave them milk for their tea.
  • Household dos and don’ts: are there areas of the house which are out of bounds? Make sure you leave instructions about this. Also if you do not want them to use certain household equipment let them know.
  • Any additional duty’s: A list should be made and agreed upon with your house sitter before the start of the booking. (Water garden, feed fish, etc)
  • Emergency contact information i.e. who can the sitter contact in case of a household emergency or an emergency concerning your pet.
  • For dogs: lead, collar with up to date ID tag, bed, chew toys, poo bags, dog coat, dog bowls, flea and or worming treatment.
  • Information about medical history and contact details of your local vet. If the boarder lives far away from you, compose a letter stating that in the event of an emergency you give the pet boarder permission to use their local vet.
  • Emergency contact information i.e. who can the sitter contact in case of an emergency concerning your pet.
  • Permission to take your pet to the closest vet for treatment and agree to settle the bill on your return. Leave details of your pet’s usual vet in the letter.
  • A list of any special commands your pet may have – this is especially helpful if you dog has a certain command to go to the toilet.  

Whichever service you book make sure you discuss your expectations and preferences with your pet sitter beforehand. Every pet sitter likes to know exactly what your pets needs are and the more information they have the better.

We would always recommend leaving written notes on your pets routine and any special needs, also it may be helpful to leave written instructions on the running of the household if you have a live in pet sitter, this could include things such as the bin day.

At Very Important Pets we always aim to provide a superior service which ensures you pet feels happy and secure during your time away. All of our pet sitters are experienced in their field, however these additional bits and pieces can help them to ensure they are always providing a 5 star service.  

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