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  • Pet Safety During Summer

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Wow it’s hot out there!!

With the summer months and increasing temperatures upon us we have to put measures in place to keep our pets safe and cool. Here are our pet safety during summer tips!

Pet Safety During Summer

Over heating is one of the most common problems that vets see in the summertime. We know how important it is to cool down and stay hydrated in the heat but we sometimes forget that our pets are trying to do the same, but whilst wearing a fur coat! Make sure plenty of fresh water is available to your pets at all times. Never leave your dog in the car or your cats in the conservatory as temperatures can rise to 40 degrees within 5 minutes. And always remember your Pet Safety During Summer. If you are out and about with your dog why not provide him with a special vest to keep him cool like this one from Ruffwear:

Other pets who suffer in the heat are our small furries; Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Rodents. If not kept exceptionally clean outdoor caged pets can become susceptible to flies laying their eggs on them, and then the maggots which hatch eat into the animals flesh. This is known as fly strike and is terribly painful for the poor animal and can be fatal. If you have an outdoor pet make sure you check them every day and ensure their bottom is clean. It only takes a matter of hours for the maggots to hatch so you need to check them at least once daily!!! If you suspect fly strike get to the vet ASAP so they can sedate your pet and clean away the area and apply medication to help it heal. Pet safety during summer

One other Problem for our pets in the summer is wasp and bee stings. If you know what your pet has been stung by you can neutralize the sting. Apply Bicarbonate of soda for bee stings and vinegar for wasp stings. Also apply ice to the area to reduce swelling. Watch your pet closely for any signs of facial swelling or difficulty breathing. This could be anaphylactic shock and can be fatal so must be treated by a vet immediately.

Pet safety during summer is very important, we hope you make the most of the ‘great British summer’ but please take care of yourselves and your pets.

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