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  • Clinical Canine Massage

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Yes you read that correctly!

If your dog is showing signs of increased stiffness, slowing down on walks, experiencing a change in gait or activities of daily living, your dog may indeed benefit from a clinical canine massage.Clinical canine massage

Clinical canine massage is a complimentary therapeutic treatment that is used to help support and resolve muscular dysfunction within your dog’s body that may be having a detrimental effect upon their mobility, behaviour and quality of life.

It uses the skilled application and manipulation of muscles, tendons and connective tissue, incorporating traditional massage techniques along with direct and indirect myofascial release to support post- operative healing, sporting and show performance and day to day living.

Canine massage can be applied to any dog, whether young and active or aging and coping with a long- term condition such arthritis. The treatment will work to relieve muscular and connective tissue restrictions, spasms and contracture, increase joint flexibility, promote post- operative healing and provide some drug free pain relief aiding sleep and relaxation.

Is your dog showing any of the following?


Slowing down

Twitches of the skin along the back and rib-cageClinical canine massage

Difficulty going up and down stairs

Change in gait (how they walk)

Recent licking of front limbs with no apparent cause

Sporting/show dogs

They live on laminate/wood/slippery tiled floor

Clinical Canine Massage by Emma Young a registered Veterinary Nurse

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