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  • Canine Hydrotherapy


By Sarah Ayres of Hydro Hounds.

Canine Hydrotherapy CentreWe are pleased to be able to introduce our Canine Hydrotherapy Centre to you which is based in Coulsdon Surrey.

We have been good friends with Louise of VIPs for many years, and highly recommend her services through our centre. The famous Tula has been to our pool for some hydrotherapy and thoroughly enjoyed her time with us.

At Hydro Hounds we specialise in warm water complimentary therapy for all breeds of dogs. Non-weight bearing pain free exercise for dogs suffering from a range of medical conditions, is just what the vet ordered to improve our furry friends range of movement and quality of life.

We have a hydrojet pool, a water treadmill and a spa which are used to treat the following :

  • Joint disease such as arthritis, hip & elbow dysplasia and spondylosis
  • Injuries such as cruciate ruptures, patella luxations and soft tissue injuries
  • Pre and Post surgical procedures
  • Weight loss
  • General cardiovascular fitness

The benefits of hydrotherapy are endless, resulting in a better quality of life in some cases, an increased range of joint motion, reduced swelling, increased stamina and fitness levels, increased circulation, weight loss and, recovery times are quicker following surgery or injury with a general feeling of wellbeing, to mention a few.

All our staff are fully qualified hydrotherapists and veterinary nurses, and the centre is registered with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and the British Veterinary Nursing Association. We work alongside the dogs veterinary surgeon to create a treatment plan that suits the individual dog, complimenting the conventional therapy that is already in place.

Please check out for full details of hydrotherapy and the centre, email us at or call us on 020 8763 2020. VIPs also have some videos on their YouTube site.

Sarah Ayres – VN MBVNA Hydrotherapist

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