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  • Tula: Adverts & Hydrotherapy

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TulaMy name is Princess Tallulah, I am a 3 year old female boxer dog and the CEO of Very Important Pets. For those of you who don’t know me I play quite a big role in Very Important Pets. My mum who is the owner and director makes sure I have a say in the decisions she makes. I am the face of VIPs and you can see me on most of the media and advertising we do. You can also catch me at the VIPs stand at many local summer fairs.

I may as well tell you, I have also become a little famous! I have been in 3 television adverts in the last couple of years; the first was a flora butter advert for the London Marathon, the second a 118 118 internet advert and the third and most recent was a television advert for “e-on” gas where I played my biggest role yet. I loved doing these adverts, I got lots of attention and loads of treats, my mum came with me but she didn’t get a part (I think she was secretly jealous).

On a normal week day you might see me playing on Wimbledon common. I love to hang out there with my friends and of course my ball! I do have a boyfriend, his name is Ollie. I see him at least 3 times a week and we do a lot of running about and snogging! (Boxer kissing). Sometimes he comes for a sleep over which I love, he is my very best friend.

One of my very favourite things to do is swimming so it’s not surprising that my highlight of the past few months was going to a brand new hydrotherapy clinic in Coulsdon, Surrey called Hydro Hounds. There you can swim around the pool or against the jets and chase balls It is the best fun ever! Hydrotherapy can be used to treat a lot of medical conditions or in my case you can just swim for fun!

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