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  • Tula: Let it snow!

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TulaAm I the only one who has enjoyed the snow! While everyone was moaning about the cold and ice there I was, digging and playing in the snow having the best time ever! I enjoyed the snow so much that when it was time to get in the car after my walk, I would pretend that I couldn’t hear mum calling me, and would push my ball around in the snow in an attempt to stay out longer. Of course this didn’t work every time but it did buy me a few extra minutes in the snow until my mum got hold of me.

I think all the playing in the snow has paid a toll on my poor legs. I now have hip and spine problems so every now and again when I over do things I pull a muscle and it hurts! Mum tells me that I have to be careful not to hurt myself but I just can’t help it, it is so much fun playing with all my friends and my ball, I will try to be good, but I can’t promise anything.

I am heading up to Yorkshire again in February (I can’t wait!), as my mum is going away. The lovely girls at VIPs are going to look after things for me and mum while we are away. When mum goes away I get to stay with my vet and his wife in their Yorkshire farm house with their 3 dogs, Gertie, Bow and Banner. We have the best time chasing rabbits, sheep, deer, and playing 24/7.

I will have to be a little careful about my leg this time, but I can’t rest when there is fun to be had!

Tula x Woof Woof

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