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  • Pet First Aid


Would you know what to do in a pet medical emergency? Do you know Pet First Aid? Many pet owners wouldn’t.

The key is to remain calm and think logically.Pet First Aid

After many years as a veterinary nurse I know how difficult this can be but it is essential in order to act quickly and save your precious pet from further problems. With pet first aid always consider the safety of yourself and others too. Do not put yourself at unnecessary risk to help and injured animal.

One of the most common first aid situations you may need to deal with are minor cuts and scrapes. Dogs can easily cut their feet while out walking and cats who fight can easily get scratched or bitten.

If the wound is bleeding:

  • Apply direct pressure to the wound with a gauze or a clean cloth, hold it in place with a bandage or use an item of clothing such as a juPet First Aidmper to tie the arms around to keep the cloth in place.
  • If blood comes through the dressing do not remove it but apply another layer and get to your vet ASAP.
  • If the wound is fairly minor you can bathe it with a salt water solution twice a day (1 teaspoon of salt to a pint of previously boiled water) to keep it clean while it heals.
  • Never apply a tourniquet to stop bleeding as this can actually prevent vital blood supply to other areas and cause much more serious problems for the animal long term. 

A big problem for pets during the warm weather are stings.

  • A wasp sting should be treated with vinegar
  • Bee stings should be treated by applying bicarbonate of soda.
  • This will neutralise the sting and reduce further reaction.
  • Apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling and watch the animal carefully for any breathing difficulties in case of anaphylactic shock.


  • Always bear in mind that an animal in pain will be unpredictable and may act with aggression so take care when moving any injured animal.
  • Apply a muzzle to an injured dog to protect yourself and other against being bitten. Pet First Aid
  • Carry a first aid kit in your car so you are prepared for first aid when out and about.

The most important thing I can advise you to do when faced with a first aid situation is to call your vet to ask for advice and also to pre warn them you are on your way. They will much better be able to deal with any emergency if they can prepare for the injured animals arrival in advance. The better prepared they are the quicker they can administer treatment and the better the chances are for the pet’s recovery.

Want to know more? Why not enrol on Very Important Pets first aid for pets seminar. You will gain lots of knowledge and confidence in how to deal with a pet medical emergency. For further details on Pet First Aid contact us.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer.

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