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  • New VIPs Cat Behaviourist

    Categories: Cat Care

Naomi Barlow VN BSc. MSc. (CABC) is a fully qualified Pet Behaviour Counsellor and an experienced Veterinary Nurse. Naomi specialises in the resolution of cat behaviour problems such as indoor spraying, inappropriate urination and defecation, scratching, aggression to other pets or humans, issues introducing cats, problems in multi-cat households and nervousness.

Clients are only seen on veterinary referral to importantly ensure that there is no physical cause for the behaviour problem. Veterinary referral is simple to arrange so please speak to your veterinary surgeon and mention you wish to be referred for a behavioural assessment.

Consultations take place in your own home and last approximately 2 hours. A history of the problem will be taken and your cat’s behaviour assessed. At the end of the consultation you will receive initial advice and a treatment programme will be devised that is individual to your cat. Only kind, reward based methods are used.

One consultation is usually sufficient to put an effective programme into action, followed with regular check-ups. The cost of a 2 hour consultation is £155. Follow up telephone calls are included in this fee and are arranged as necessary.

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