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  • Tula: Christmas 2009

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TulaWell where has the year gone!

We have just had our VIPs annual staff Christmas party – it was a fab night; we had about 30 of our lovely pet sitters attend last Thursday at VIPs HQ. Of course I was invited as the face of VIPs, I get to go to all the events! I had such a good night, I got presents, food, and unlimited cuddles from all the VIPs team, I just love my job!

We were invited to attend the Kings College Christmas Fair in Wimbledon Village on the 28th November where we had a stall advertising our pet services. It was such a cold day, myself and a 5 month old chocolate Labrador called Mocca were there as normal helping out.  Things got so cold at one stage that mum and Melanie had to go and buy us each a doggie coat. Mocca and I loved our new coats and it did help for a while but it got so cold that we had to be wrapped up in two huge blankets, Mocca and I snuggled up together and finally we warmed up.

I am hugely looking forward to Christmas this year; I think I must be the most spoilt dog on the planet! This year I have asked for a new Holly&Lil designer collar which I think I over heard my mum ordering last week, fingers crossed! I also get to see my Auntie Sarah who is the best Auntie in the world, she showers me with gifts and tummy tickles, she knows the exact spot were to tickle me and I can stand there for hours and she will just keep tickling, I love it.

Wishing you a very happy waggie Christmas and New Year.

Woof, Woof
Tula x

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