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  • Fun And Interactive Games To Play With Your Dog

    Categories: Dog Care

Dogs need playtime to relieve boredom and burn off energy. Interactive and fun games are the best way to keep your dog entertained and are a great way to keep your pet active, busy, and out of trouble.

  • Puzzle Challenges

A large selection of interactive puzzle toys are available to buy for your pet dog. These fun games will challenge the pet as they try to retrieve the treat that is inside. Active movement or rolling is required for the pet to get the treat from the toy. There are also puzzle toys for stationary play.

The hidden treat entices and lures your dog to spend time to retrieve the treasure. This takes focus and concentration. The fun games will keep your dog entertained and offers a tasty reward to the pet when the task is accomplished.

  • Hide and Seek

Dogs love to hunt. They have great fun when they search for things. All that you need to do is to hide their favourite toy or treat under a pillow or blanket. See how long it takes for your pet to find it.

Make the game challenging by wrapping the object in a cloth or newspaper. This will make the object harder to find. You can also choose to alter the hiding place.

  • Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course for your pet dog. You can do this even if you don’t have a big house. Use items around the house to build a challenging course. Boxes, chairs, and pillows can be used to create a simple obstacle course around the house.

Make use of treats to motivate your pet dog to jump over an obstacle. An obstacle course is a fun way to keep the dog moving around. Be creative to keep it interesting for your pet.

  • Tug of War

Play a game of tug of war with your pet dog. A tug of war is a great way to physically and mentally exercise your dog. You can play this game indoors too. Playing tug will not make your pet dog aggressive.

Let your dog win to make it more interesting for them however, Do not pull too hard as this can hurt the dog.

Interactive and fun games can be played both indoors and outdoors. Dogs tend to get bored easily. The games will add an element of fun to their daily lives. The interactive games are an easy way to give your pet lots of mental stimulation.

It is best to tailor the games as per the physical ability of your dog. You will be able to keep your pet dog happy and busy with interactive games. The games will keep the dog mentally active and physically healthy.

Keeping the dog active and entertained is not just good for their brain but is also a good physical exercise. It is also a great way to bond with your pet. The fun and interactive games will make your time together educational, fun, and healthy.

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