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  • Preparing Your Pet Rabbit For The Summer Months

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The summer months are nearly in full swing and the temperatures are on the rise. During the hot summer months, it is important that you keep your pet rabbit out of the heat. Rabbits can be hardy pets but they do much better in the cold months than the hot summer.

Rabbits start experiencing heat-related stress when the temperature goes up in the summer and the sad truth is they can die from heat stroke. Therefore it always best to keep them cool in the hot and humid months.

Top Ways to Keep Your Pet Rabbit Cool this Summer

Place the Cage in the Shade

Ensure that the rabbit’s cage and play area are in the shade. If the rabbits are indoors, you can position their cage away from the sunlight. If the rabbit cage is outdoors, you should place it under shaded trees. If natural shade is not available, you can utilize sun umbrellas to keep the rabbit out of direct sunlight.

Trim Excess Hair

Give your rabbit a short summer haircut. Trim and remove as much excess hair as possible. This will help them stay cool.

Lightly Moisten the Rabbit’s Ears

Rabbits don’t sweat the way humans do. The body surface heat is primarily released through the ears. Lightly moisten the rabbit’s ears, head, neck, and the inside of the hind legs with a wet cloth.

All that it takes is a little bit of water to cool down your pet. If you suspect overheating, you can use this method to cool the rabbit.

A Cool Place to Lay On

Offer your rabbit a cool place to lay on. Ceramic tiles and marble will stay cool even in summer. You can cover the rabbit hutch with ceramic tiles. They not just keep the pet cool but are also easy to clean.

Keep them Comfortable

Always ensure that your rabbit has enough water. Change the water at least twice a day so that it remains cool and fresh. Keep a watch on the water level. When the pet has access to water, they will not get dehydrated.

Signs Your Pet Rabbit Is Overheated

  • Quick shallow breaths.
  • Panting.
  • Salivation.
  • Lack of consciousness.

Things to do if you think your rabbit has heatstroke. 

If the rabbit is overheated, you should avoid lowering the temperature by putting them in cold water. This can send their system into shock. Bring the pet into an air-conditioned cool room so that it feels comfortable and cools down.

  • Contact your Veterinary Surgery immediately. 
  • Wrap moist towels around the pet’s body. Ensure that the towel is moist and not wet. Use a wet cloth to moisten the ears, head, and neck.
  • Offer water to the rabbit but never force it to drink it.
  • Even if your rabbit has cooled down and has become active again, you should still take them to the Vets regardless. 

Always keep your pet rabbit healthy and clean. Keep your pet’s living space free of waste. Flystrike is also an issue for rabbits during the summer months and all rabbits should be checked twice daily at least. 

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