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  • The New Puppy Owner’s Guide

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Bringing a new puppy home is often exhilarating. The prospect of adding a new puppy to the family is incredibly exciting. Having a puppy is a huge commitment. It is a decision that you will have to think through.

Raising a puppy is both rewarding and frustrating. Don’t worry. The new puppy owner’s guide will help you get off to a great start.

Puppy training classes

How to Choose A Puppy?

Always choose a breed that is best suited to your lifestyle. The factors that you should consider include your family, working hours, and energy levels. Avoid bringing a big breed of dog into a small apartment. Take time to research the ideal characteristics of the dog you want to bring home. This will help you find a pup you can fall in love with.

New Puppy Owner’s Guide

  • Prepare for the Puppy’s Arrival

Before you bring the new pup home, it is best to puppy proof your home. This will help protect the puppy and save your home belongings.

Remove all small chewable objects that can be swallowed. Cover electrical cables so that the pup doesn’t tug on it. Block access to rooms where pee and poop of puppy can cause damage.

  • Find a Local Vet

Find a local vet you are comfortable with. A good vet will walk you through the process of deworming, puppy shot schedule, and parasite control. It is also advisable to check the nearest vet emergency clinic in case you need it. Check if the vet clinic has modern facilities.

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  • Prepare a New Puppy Shopping List

The things that a puppy needs include dog bed (get two beds so that you can use one when the other is to be washed), cleaning supplies (disinfectant, disposable papers, and household gloves, and crate (for potty training).

The other things on the shopping list should include food bowls (ceramic or stainless steel) and water bowls, puppy food, brush, and comb (for grooming), and collar and lead.

  • Gain Knowledge About Puppy Care

You need to learn and understand how to truly care for a new puppy. Good puppy manners don’t come naturally. You must teach the puppy how to behave.

Potty train the puppy so that they know the right place to go for the toilet. You can do this by offering the pup lots of toilet breaks. Praise and reward the puppy when they go to the toilet in the right place.

Crate train the puppy by buying a crate that is large enough for the breed of pup you have chosen. Avoid choosing a very large crate. If the crate is really big, the puppy will start using a corner of the crate as a toilet.

Learn what to feed and how often to feed a puppy. The choice of puppy food is dry or wet. Both are balanced diets and you can make the choice as per the preference of your puppy.

Remember that each breed of a puppy has different food, exercise, and care requirements. Read on the breed you want to raise. Learning how to care for your new puppy will be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of your life.


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