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  • What is Dog Boarding?

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Dog boarding at home is a service offered to dog owners who don’t want to use traditional kennels and would prefer that their dog stay’s in a home environment with a family, and not locked in a cage.

Home dog boarding is a great alternative to kennels; your dog will stay in a nice family home environment with or without another dog. With home dog boarding your dog’s routine will be kept as normal as possible, and he will be walked and fed in line with what he is use to. Your dog will get to sleep in the warmth and comforts of the home environment and he will become part of the new family while his owners are away.

Normally with home dog boarding you should meet with the host family before your dog goes to stay with them, this gives you the chance to see where your dog will be staying and to meet the host family and their dog if they have one. The meeting is very important to make sure both parties are happy before the booking goes ahead.

If you are considering kennels for your dog please look into dog boarding at home as in my opinion home dog boarding is by far the better option for a dog when you go away on holiday. Many dogs find kennels extremely stressful  and this kind of stress could lead to long term behavioural problems.

What is Dog Boarding?

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