• Puppy and Dog Training Classes

  • There’s something exciting about getting a new puppy isn't there? But if you want your little bundle of fur to become a well-behaved and well-adjusted dog it's worth investing in puppy and dog training classes.

    Our puppy and dog training classes are great fun for you and your dog and they'll help you to develop a happy and rewarding relationship with your puppy.

    We also offer one to one puppy and dog training sessions as well as puppy and dog training classes.


    • Overview

    • Our puppy training classes are great fun for you and your dog and they’ll help you to develop a happy and rewarding relationship with your puppy.

      Our puppy training classes cover three main topics:

      • Socialisation (other puppies, children and noises etc.)
      • Puppy problems (biting, mouthing, jumping up and house training)
      • Good manners (sit, down, come, stay, stand, lead walking etc.)
    • And our highly experienced puppy trainers only use up-to-date methods of training – such as rewards based training – that are kind and fair to puppies and are proven to work.

    • When & where are our Puppy and Dog Training Classes?

    • Every Tuesday night at the:





      SM4 4AR

    • Classes start at 6.30pm for puppies and 7.45pm for Adolescents, and run for 1 hour.

      All of our classes use up to date reward based training techniques. Our class sizes are limited to ensure that each puppy gets the right amount of attention. We get booked up quickly so please call us now to book a space.

    • Puppy Basics

      For puppies between 10 and 20 weeks of age

      A 4 week course covering the basics you need for your puppy’s development and good manners.

      Dates for Puppy Basics Classes (£125)
      February 20th, 27th, March 5th and 12th, every Tuesday evening. 
      Start Time– 6.30pm start time
    • Adolescent/Puppy Refresher Classes

      For puppies over 5 months and adult dogs

      A 4 week course designed to refresh and progress from Puppy classes.

      This course is for puppies from 5 months to two years old who have been on our Puppy Basics course or have had some formal puppy training. Your puppy should be confident doing his ‘sit, down and stay’.

      Dates for Adolescent Classes (£125)
       New dates coming soon!
      7.45pm Start Time
    • Other puppy training options

    • Preparation for a New Puppy

      One hour session (before new puppy arrives) covering puppy training and care.

      New Puppy

      Get off to a good start with a two hour puppy training lesson for puppies under 14 weeks old.

      Lead Walking or Recall Package

      Two one hour training sessions, to either teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead or to focus on building a reliable recall.

      One on one Puppy Training Package

      4 Week Package

      Four one hour puppy training sessions for puppies under 8 months old.

    • For our packages we recommend using each session approximately 1 week apart. This will allow you to practice in between and progress your training at each session.

      One on one Puppy Training

      Ideal as a refresher after puppy training classes or for recall, chewing, digging, jumping up, pulling on the lead and basic obedience. 1.5 hour final assessment and additional one hour sessions available.

      NB: One to one training visits may be subject to extra travel costs of 45p/mile and any parking and congestion zone charges on top of the training fee.

    • Reviews

    • “We are doing the puppy training. This is our first dog and the 1st lesson was far better than we imagined.  My mum was very nervous about coming but it was so relaxed and informative. She really enjoyed it. She is working hard with Waffle and is looking forward to what next Tuesday brings.

      Would definitely recommend this course.”

      “Fantastic 4 puppy trading sessions, incredibly informative and reassuring. Will most probably be back for a top up. Thank you so much, new puppy owner and much needed.”

    • Gallery

    • Heidi Zouroudis QVN MAPDT

    • Qualified Veterinary Nurse and Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

      Senior dog trainer, responsible for leading the dog training team and expanding our training schools

      Heidi is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has over 12 years’ experience in veterinary practice. While working in the veterinary world she developed an interest in canine and feline psychology and took her interest on to do a Companion Animal Behaviour course via Improve International in 2005 and passed with distinction.

      Heidi went on to see both cats and dogs for one-to-one behaviour home visits. Being more of a ‘dog person’ heidi went on to concentrate much more on further education specifically in canine behaviour. Heidi has been running puppy socialisation and adolescent dog training classes for the last 10 years. She also sees these puppies for one-to-one home visits as well as adult dogs for both training and behavioural assistance.

      Heidi considers herself a crossover trainer only using kind and effective positive training methods including clicker training. Some of her qualifications include an advanced dog training instructor’s course with the Association of pet dog trainers and a 4 day trick training course with the renowned Nando Brown. She has also worked with dog trainers overseas learning about BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training). This specialist technique is used to help anxious and reactive dogs to overcome their fears.

      Heidi constantly updates her knowledge, regularly attending seminars and training courses around the country.

    • Bea Bevan

    • Bea currently owns an Alaskan Malamute and four cats and has a keen interest in all aspects of both canine and feline behaviour and training.

      Bea’s is passionate about puppy development and training. She finds it particularly rewarding to inspire and empower owners to get off to the best possible start with their puppies. She believes by understanding their emotional and physical requirements plus choice training you develop a trusting bond.

      Using fair, kind and force free methods, Bea gives a choice back to a puppy and achieves results. Training can be tailored to suit your own puppy’s temperament and should always be fun and rewarding for both of you to enjoy learning the life skills a puppy requires.

      Bea finds it particularly rewarding inspiring owners to learn skills using kind and force free training methods and play. This enables owners to effectively communicate with their dogs to build a lasting bond based on trust and understanding. Every dog has its own unique personality and Bea enjoys adopting a flexible approach to bring out the best in each one.

      Bea has qualifications which include Think Dog Certificate, Think Dog Intermediate and Think Dog Practical Course. She has completed a Puppy Instructors Qualification and is mid way through an advanced diploma in canine management and behaviour.

      She regularly attends Practical Workshops, Seminars and Masterclasses to continue her professional development.

    • Lucy Stratton

    • Lucy has been working with dogs for 7years after some time as a grooming assistant she began studying Level 3 Advanced Animal Care with Capel Manor College which lead her to begin working at a boarding kennels. This helped her gain experience and knowledge of dogs of all different sizes, breed & temperament. Lucy has spent the last 4 years of her career working within the rescue industry and currently works as a Behaviour and Training Advisor for a large London rescue where she spends time working with a variety of different dogs by working on there behaviour to get them new forever homes. She is also studying with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) as well as attending regular training seminars where she continues to expand her knowledge to keep up the best practice in her work.
    • We can accept puppies from their first vaccination, providing they are in good health and your vet gives your puppy the okay. Any puppy not fully vaccinated must be carried to and from the class. We also ask that you bring along your puppy’s vaccination certificate with you to class.