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  • Tula: The Pooch Mobile & Christmas Dinner

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TulaGosh where has the time gone! Since November things have been so busy for me I can hardly keep up!

In November the Pooch Mobile came over to my house in their mobile trailer to give me a hydrobath, Holly the owner gave me the best wash I had ever had and I came out smelling amazing.

It’s been work, work ,work ever since then until Christmas day, this is my favourite day of the whole year, I got so many presents from friends and family that I didn’t know what to open first, mum lets me open my own presents which I love, I rip off the paper then spit it out until I reach the present inside, once I know what the present is I try to find my next one and so on, I’m very spoilt I know!

Christmas lunch is also a highlight of my day as I always have the left over turkey with stuffing and later in the day I get a special home cooked dinner. Plus plenty of treats.

This year was extra fun as I was in a lovely big house in Hertfordshire with a massive garden, and two cats to play with, I don’t think the cats liked me much as they kept running away, I tried to make friends early on in the day by giving them a Christmas present but I don’t think it helped!

New Years Eve was also fun; I went with my mum and dad to a hotel spa in Bagshot, Surrey, where we stayed in a lovely big room for 2 days, the back door of our room opened onto a golf course which suited me just fine as I could chase the rabbits and squirrels and then once board come back and check on mum and dad.

All the staff there loved me and even took me for a walk around the grounds while mum and dad were out; I made so many new friends, a good start to 2009!

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