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Five reasons to consider a rescue pet

17th April 2018Cat Care, Dog CareLeave a comment

So you have decided you are able and have the time to take on a pet, great, this is an exciting time. Next up is deciding where to get that pet from – our advice? Your new best friend is waiting for you in a rescue centre and here is why..

– You are giving an animal a second chance at life, animals end up in rescues for all sorts of reasons, however, despite unwanted litters, the majority of them have had to leave somewhere they once called home. When you are take on a rescue you are giving them a forever home and with that a second chance at life.

– The majority of rescue centres will ensure your new addition is vaccinated, neutered and has a microchip before you take them home, so as well as taking on a new friend you will also be saving yourself a large amount of money.

-They will also probably be house trained already, saving you a lot of mess!

– You will be joining the fight against puppy farming. Puppy farming is an ever growing issue in the UK, and the more demand their is for puppies, the more this horrible industry will grow. By taking on a rescue pet, you are taking a stand against this issue.

– You will bringing home a heart of pure gold. The sad truth is there are thousands of pets in rescue homes in the UK waiting to find their forever home, some of which have been there for months on end. While we have no scientific evidence to prove, we can assure you of how grateful they will be when take a chance on them.

A few rescue centres to consider include: 
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
Epsom Canine Rescue
Foal Farm Animal Rescue 
Dogs Trust 
The Cats Protection 

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Spring Dog walks: Wonderful dog walks in Surrey and London

17th April 2018Dog Care, Pet CareLeave a comment

With Spring on the way we are all feeling a bit more excited about getting outside more, and this is especially true for our dogs as well! Our dogs love nothing more than their walks, not only do they enjoy the exercise, they find in excitement in the new surroundings and most importantly they love the bonding time with you. Why not treat your dog to a new walking location one Spring weekend by visiting some of our favourite locations in the Surrey and London areas?

Top dog walking locations in Surrey and London:

Laleham Park – TW18 1SS

Laleham Park, Staines-Upon-Thames, has a huge open park where dogs can run free and play fetch. There is also a river where children can feed ducks, geese and swans.

Painshill Park –  KT11 1JE

Painshill Park in Cobham is a 158-acre woodland and perfect for those dogs who enjoy a more gentle stroll, as all dogs are required to stay on lead during their visit.

 Priory Park – RH2 7RL

Based in Reigate, Priory Park has various shorter walks perfect for young puppies who are still finding their feet and building up to bigger walks.

Wimbledon Common 

A favourite with many of the VIP’s dog walkers and a great place for dogs who love socialising with other dogs. There are also various dog friendly cafes located around for when you feel the need for a bite of lunch.

Crystal Palace Park – SE19 2GA

Where else can your dogs walk among Dinosaurs? The Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace have graced the park since 1854, making it a fun walk for all the family.

Greenwich Park – SE10 8XJ

Like a few of London’s parks, Greenwich Park is home to some beautiful deer, however in Greenwich, they are enclosed to ensure safety of both the deer and your dog. The park also boasts magnificent views of the city from the top of the hill.

These are just a few of our favourite walking spaces across Surrey and London, please feel free to share yours in the comments! When walking your dogs during the warmer months always remember to keep them safe and stay cautious of heat stroke, more tips for keeping your pets safe in the summer can be found here. 

Five things to consider when involving your pet in your wedding

27th March 2018Cat Care, Dog Care, Pet Care, Products & ServicesLeave a comment

At Very Important Pets our pet wedding services are becoming increasingly popular, and we can understand why, having your best friend at your wedding is essential, even if they are a dog!
Our wedding packages are there to ensure everything involving your pet runs smoothly on the day, relieving any additional stress from you, but there are a few things you can do before the big day to ensure the best day possible.
- dog with flower garland

Confirm with your venue

It may seem like an obvious one but be sure it is not one that you forget. If you are certain that you would like your pet at your wedding then confirm this is possible before booking the venue. If you are unsure where to start, a simple ‘dog friendly wedding venues‘ Google search should help you on the right track.  Even if you are sure you have booked a pet friendly venue, be sure to confirm with them that you will actually be bringing a pet on the big day, it is also a good idea to check if/what they have available for your pet on the day, such as water bowl, food bowl, toileting area etc.

Your pet’s behaviour

When making the decision to have your pet at your wedding, it is essential to put them first, make sure they are comfortable with crowds, and potential loud noises. Are they happy around children and unfamiliar faces? To ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible it is essential that your pet feels happy and comfortable in the situation.


Discuss with  your photographer

If you are bringing your pet to your big day then you are going to want the photos to go with it, when booking your photographer be sure to check they have experience in photographing pets, if possible get them to meet your pet before the big day so they can be familiar with each other . The last thing you want on the day is to find out your photographer is scared of dogs!


Your pet’s safety

Some people choose a special outfit for their pet on the day of the wedding, but be sure not to choose style over safety. Think simple, often a flower or clip on tie attached to a collar they are already used to wearing works best, avoid elaborate flower garlands or dog suits to prevent choking or ingestion hazards. Remember again to always put your pet’s best interests first.


Book your pet sitter

As soon as you have confirmed the dates and venue of your wedding, call us to get your sitter booked. These services can get booked up quickly, so do this early to avoid disappointment. Your pet sitter will meet you and your pet before the big day and discuss all needs and requests, then they will make sure everything pet related runs smoothly on the day. When it comes to the evening, depending on your choice, will bring your dog home, drop them to a place of your choice or take them home for boarding while you go on your honeymoon!

Click here to find out more about our pet wedding packages 
 pet wedding - door sign with pink flowers

Five Benefits of Pets for Children

16th March 2018Pet CareLeave a comment

The UK is a nation of animal lovers with over 27 million pets owned throughout the country. From cats to dogs, guinea pigs to bearded dragons, pets offer a special kid of companionship for all the family, but children in particular can benefit from these early bonds.

Pets can help with confidence

Pets can provide a companionship which is not judged, in turn, along with the responsibility of caring for the pet, can bring confidence to a child. Studies have shown that children who have had pets from a young age grow quickly in confidence as well as the ability to show empathy towards others.

Pets can help with family bonds

Pets can help to bring families together and create stronger bonds. Families with pets tend to spend more time together by joining in on daily walks or by playing with the family pet. The family pet will become a social aspect for family and friends, becoming a potential bridge between a less socially out going person and others.

Pets can help with health

Studies have shown children that grow up with pets grow to have more highly developed immune systems. Alongside this spending time with animals and stroking animals have been shown to lower blood pressure in people of all ages, creating a calming and relaxing experience for all involved.

Pets can help to encourage childhood responsibility

As children are shown how to care for their pet they learn responsibility from a young age. Giving them tasks to ensure their pet is kept healthy, well and happy will give them an early sense of importance as well as a strong understanding in the importance of helping others.

Getting Started in Puppy Training: Basic Handling

16th March 2018Dog CareLeave a comment

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting time for everyone involved. Once your puppy has settled into their new environment it is essential they start to positively learn the how to behave and handle everything they make experience in life. One of those things is being handled in various different ways, starting this correctly from a young age will make help your dog to grow in confidence in these situations and not see them as something to be frightened of.  Watch the video below by our puppy school trainer Heidi for helpful tips  on this subject, and if you are looking to enrol your new puppy in to training classes more information can be found here.

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