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  • Essential items to have in your animal first aid kit


Accidents and emergencies can sadly happen anywhere and at any time therefore it is good to always be prepared. Just like you have a human first aid kit at home it is a good idea to have animal first aid kit as well, this should be a small portable box or bag that can hold all the essentials as well as being portable for all your pet’s outdoor adventures.

Ten essential items to have in a pet first aid kit.

Sterile Saline – Sterile saline pods are great for flushing wounds or grazes

Tick remover – if you are in a tick-infested area, consider one of many tools to easily remove ticks and reduce additional damage or infection during removal.

Scissors – for carefully trimming things out of matted fur or if your pet gets tangled in something

Antiseptic wash or wipes – look for non-stinging preparations such as chlorhexidine or betadine. Rubbing alcohol is not good for open sores or wounds.

Phone Numbers – For your Veterinary surgeon as well as your out-of-hours emergency providers

Sterile Non Stick Dressings – To place as a protective on wounds until a Vet can be seen

Conforming bandage – This will act as a base layer if a bandage needs to be placed

Vet Wrap / Cohesive bandage – This is the top layer of a bandage and acts as the protective outer layer.

Blanket/ Towel – these can be used to either keep your pet warm if needed or be dampened if your pet needs to be cooled. It can also double up as a make shift stretcher if your dog needs to be carried.

A muzzle – or materials to make a muzzle. Even the most well-trained animals may bite when injured or afraid.

Alternatively you can also buy ready made animal first aid kits which come complete with everything you will need, as well as having room to add your own additions.

If you are interested in further your knowledge and skills in pet first aid then why not book yourself on to a Animal First Aid Course at Very Important Pets, more information can be found here. 

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