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  • Tips for getting your dog groomed for the first time

Throughout their lives certain breeds of dog will need to visit the groomers to ensure their coat stays a correct length and in good condition. Ideally, you will get your puppy used to this from a young age but for one reason or another this may not be possible, and your dog maybe older on their visit first to the groomers.  Visiting the groomers should always be a pleasant experience for your dog and should not become something they fear, however it can take getting used to being handled, the new smells and the environment.
It is important that you feel confident and comfortable trusting your groomers with your dog while they are in their care, so here are some of our top tips for making the grooming experience easier for both you and your dog.
dog at the groomers

Tips for getting your dog groomed for the first time

  • Ask for recommendations, either from friends or family, or your vet practice. People are always happy to recommend someone whose work they trust.
  • Visit the groomers before your visit, make sure you are happy with the conditions of the grooming salon and how the dogs are being handled.
    Find a groomer you like, and get on with well, the trust will build from there.
  • Ask what qualifications they have in grooming and if they have undertaken further courses such as a Pet First Aid Course.
  • Have a look at previous work, especially if you’d like something more than just clipping.
  • Be realistic, the groomers will be managing your exceptions on what can actually be achieved.
  • Let them know what you want, be straight and honest, so they can do the best.
  • ¬†Trust them. After all being a professional does count for in the bath being groomed

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