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  • Interview with a Pet Sitter: Meet Tracey

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At Very Important Pets our pet sitters are at the heart of the business, the people spending every day with the VIPs, so we want to share their stories and the great work they are constantly doing for us.

Meet Tracey, she has been working at VIPs for an amazing ten years now and takes on various cat and small animal feeding. Tracey consistently receives great feedback from our clients and has become a firm favourite with the animals as well.

How did you get in to pet sitter for VIPs?

I have been working at VIPs for around 10 years. I had left my full time office job to start painting again which meant I had time to spare. I’ve always loved animals, and was missing having a pet. Suddenly the idea of pet sitting popped into my head!

What is your favourite thing about being a pet sitter?

All the pets I care for have unique personalities – from the largest dog to the smallest hamster!

Do you find pet sitting easy to fit around your lifestyle?

Yes. I still have time to sketch, paint and meditate!

Can you share any funny or extra special VIP experiences that stick in your mind?

One funny experience was when I was walking a huge Rottweiler / Labrador mix. He loved other dogs and in the distance saw a potential friend he liked the look of. Before I could lock his retractable lead, he was running across the park and the lead ran out, made a pinging noise, and I did a full somersault in the air. Fortunately he stopped at that point, or I think the comedy moment would have continued with me being horizontally dragged across the park!

What would you say to someone who isn’t comfortable with the idea of strangers looking after their beloved pet?

I would say trust your gut instinct/intuition when you first meet a potential pet sitter. Also, ask to see photo ID and/or insurance certificates. And feedback about the pet sitter from other clients is also helpful. Requesting photos of their pet is a good way for them to see how their pet is faring. Security cameras inside the home are commonplace these days, and I think are a good option for further peace of mind. And don’t feel bad about locking valuables away and requesting no entry to certain rooms!

Are you looking for a new direction for your career? Or just looking to take on some extra work? At Very Important Pets we are always looking for new enthusiastic  pet sitters and dog walkers who fit in perfectly with our team, if you would like to apply or find out more information you can do so here.

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