If your dog or puppy loves to socialise, play and have fun with other dogs, doggie daycare could be just what he needs

Our Doggie Daycare Service

Doggie daycare servicesIf you’re busy working or you have other commitments that take up your time, doggie daycare ensures your dog or puppy gets all the stimulation, exercise and entertainment he needs.

Our doggie daycare centre in Wimbledon provides a safe, clean environment where your dog or puppy will be looked after by professional, qualified dog carers who will supervise his play and take him for walks.

We also offer:

  • Doggie day care in your home
  • Doggie daycare at the home of one of our pet sitters

Doggie Daycare Opening Hours

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (booking essential)
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays
Very Important Pets Doggie Daycare Centre, 45b Quicks Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 1EY

Before your dog attends doggie daycare we’ll carry out an assessment to make sure he’s suitable. All dogs that use doggie daycare have to be good-natured, unaggressive, sociable, and have a good level of basic training.

Because of our location we cannot accept dogs that bark constantly.

Doggie daycare servicesDoggie Daycare Price List

All prices include VAT at the current rate.

One off days:
Assessment day £35
Full day (9am – 5pm) £30
Half day (mornings 9am to 1pm or afternoons 1pm to 5pm – up to max of 4 hours) £20

Full Day Packages:
Buy 10 visits for £250 (additional 1 visit free)
Buy 20 visits for £450 (additional 2 visits free)

Half Day Packages:
Buy 10 half day visits for £190 (mornings 8am to 1pm or afternoons 1pm to 6pm – up to max of 5 hours)

Gold Monthly Package:
Includes five days a week full time doggie daycare, walks, play, basic training, feeding on request and a shampoo and blow-dry once a month. £550 
a month by standing order.

Platinum Monthly Package:
Includes five days a week full time doggie daycare, walks, play, basic training, feeding on request, shampoo and blow dry once a month. £650 a month by standing order.

Prices include: Supervised play and games, walks and socialising in a safe environment.
Prices exclude: Food and transport.

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Doggie Daycare Terms and Conditions

  1. By using our doggie daycare services you confirm that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
  2. Prior to any dogs staying at doggie daycare you’ll need to complete a registration form.
  3. An assessment day is necessary for all dogs that wish to attend our doggie day care facility. All dogs that attend must be good-natured, unaggressive, sociable, and have a good level of basic training.
  4. A no-show or cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a full day visit charge.
  5. Proof of vaccinations including kennel cough must be shown on your dog’s assessment day. Please make sure your dog has regular flea and worming treatments so they won’t pass anything on to other dogs.
  6. Please ensure your dog has a secure collar with an up-to-date ID tag.
  7. If you need to drop off or collect your dog either before or after our opening hours an additional charge will apply and you’ll need to arrange this in advance.
  8. We require all dogs, both male and female, to be neutered unless under seven months of age. If there is a reason your dog can’t be neutered then please let us know in advance and our dog trainers will assess your dog’s behaviour.
  9. Unfortunately, we cannot accept bitches in season. If you think your bitch is coming into season please inform us immediately. We reserve the right to suspend your dog’s day care for up to three weeks.
  10. You must inform us of any aggression your dog has shown towards people or other dogs. We cannot accept dogs with the following issues: constant barking, resource guarding, marking, or any history of escaping.
  11. Very Important Pets may terminate a doggie day care arrangement immediately if it is reasonably thought that your dog has behaved badly or aggressively towards people, other pets or property. You will be liable if your pet injures a third party or any Very Important Pets’ staff.
  12. If it becomes necessary, your animal will be taken to a veterinary surgeon. You are responsible for any fees that are reasonably incurred.
  13. Very Important Pets will provide a clean and safe environment with professional, qualified carers to look after your dog. Please be aware that with a day care service and the interaction of dogs and strange people there are certain risks involved.
  14. You, the client, will indemnify Very Important Pets against any claims for loss or injury caused to either, Very Important Pets’ staff, Very Important Pets’ property or other clients’ dogs which are caused by your pet or as a result of breach of these terms and conditions, negligence or otherwise.
  15. In the case of an emergency we will contact you first. If we can’t reach you, your dog’s registered veterinarian would then be called. Your dog will never be left alone; a dog handler will always be on duty.

Very Important Pets’ local on call vet is:
4 Paws Veterinary Centre, 170-172 Merton Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 1EG. Tel: 020 8540 7275.

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