If you want someone to care for your property as well as your pet when you’re away, live-in pet sitters are a great choice

Live-In Pet Sitters

Live-in pet sittersIf your pet doesn’t get on with other animals, is elderly or has never been vaccinated, or you have a multi-pet household, a live-in pet sitter is the ideal option, especially if you want the added security of someone staying in your house whilst you’re away.

The live-in pet sitters at Very Important Pets are experienced, mature and trustworthy pet lovers. So you can enjoy your holiday or break knowing your pet and your property are in safe hands.

Our live in pet sitters service is ideal for:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Small mammals
  • Multi-pet households

Using the Live-In Pet Sitter Service

Live-in pet sittersBefore your planned trip, a live-in pet sitter from Very Important Pets will meet you at your home to go though your pet’s routine and discuss any domestic duties that are needed.

Your pet sitter will love and care for your pet just like you do and your pet will receive the very best professional care and attention. Many of our veterinary trained pet carers are also trained to give medication and are familiar with most conditions.

Our live-in pet sitters are happy to perform light domestic duties while living in your home such as mail collection, feeding the fish and watering the plants. And whilst your sitter will ensure your home is kept clean and tidy, please note our live-in pet sitters are not professional cleaners.

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Live-In Pet Sitter Guidelines

  1. Live-in pet sittersYour home
    Your house must be clean, comfortable and of a reasonable standard. If, at your first meeting, your pet sitter doesn’t feel that your house is of a suitable standard, we have the right to turn down the booking.
  2. Food and medication
    Please ensure you leave enough food and medication to last the length of your pet sitter’s stay.
  3. Rates
    At Very Important Pets we charge a daily rate rather than a nightly rate and we have a minimum two day booking period. So if your pet sitter stays for one night you’ll be charged as two days. With our dog sitting service your live-in pet sitter needs to be able to leave your house for a maximum of four hours a day to continue with other pet sitting jobs or private chores. If your dog cannot be left for this long please let us know when you first call us, as an additional charge can be added for a full-time pet sitting service if needed.
  4. Travel expenses
    We ask that you pay your live-in pet sitters’ travelling expenses calculated at 45p per mile plus all parking, train fares and congestion charges. This applies to the first meeting, and the first and last day of the booking. Travel expenses should be paid directly to your live-in pet sitter. We’ll always try and find a pet sitter that’s closest to you. But it’s worth finding out your pet sitter’s estimated travel costs before your first meeting. If your live-in pet sitter is required to use their car during the booking to transport your pet on a daily basis, then a nominal fee of £3 per day should be added to your pet sitter’s total amount to cover petrol and wear and tear on their car.

Our live-in pet sitters are available throughout London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Middlesex, Hampshire and Berkshire.

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