Our pet boarding services are a great alternative to kennels and catteries and are a home away from home for your pets

Our Pet Boarding Services

Pet boarding servicesUnfortunately, many pets find kennels and catteries extremely stressful. Often they’re left in cages for long periods of time and they miss the love and cuddles they’re used to at home. And, of course, it’s upsetting for you to leave your beloved pet when he’s distressed.

Our pet boarding services offer a relaxed, cost effective alternative to kennels and catteries, and ensure all members of the family are kept happy.

Our pet boarding services include:

  • Dog boarding
  • Small mammal boarding (caged pets)
  • Parrot and bird boarding
  • Cat boarding (limited service only)

Your pet will live in the home of an experienced and professional Very Important Pets’ pet sitter who will provide love and care for your pet and treat them as if they were one of their own.

Your pet’s stay will be fun, exciting and, most importantly, your pet will be in a safe and happy environment.

How our Pet Boarding Services work

Cat boarding servicesWe’ll find the most suitable pet sitter based on your pet’s needs and arrange a time for you to meet them.

You can talk to them about your pet’s normal daily routine such as feeding, medication and playtime, and whether you’re happy or not for your pet to board with other pets.

After you’ve talked to our pet sitter you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the booking. If you do you can rest assured your pet will receive the very best care and attention possible whilst living with your pet sitter.

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Guidelines for Pet Boarding

  1. Vaccinations
    Kennel cough or infectious bronchitis is a very contagious disease of the respiratory system that can affect dogs of all ages. We recommend that dogs be vaccinated at least seven days before using our pet boarding services, as we cannot accept any dogs that have contracted kennel cough. So please take your dog’s vaccination certificate along when you meet your dog’s sitter to show that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.
  2. Dropping your pet off
    On the first and last day of your pet boarding booking, we ask you to drop your pet off and pick them up. If you require a pick-up or drop-off service this can be arranged at an additional cost.
  3. Fleas and worms
    Please remember to deflea and worm your dog or cat before each pet boarding booking.
  4. Medication, food and bedding
    Please provide all medications and enough pet food to last for the length of your pet’s stay. Your pet will also need his feeding bowl, some bedding, a special toy, a lead and collar, any special treats, and written notes on his routine. For small mammals or birds and parrots you’ll need to supply your pet’s cage, food and any toys, treats or special cleaning products.
  5. Our rate
    At Very Important Pets we charge a daily rate rather than a nightly rate and we have a minimum booking period of two days. So if your pet stays for one night you’ll be charged as two days.

Our pet boarding services are available throughout London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Middlesex, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Please read our pet service terms and conditions. Sign up to use our pet boarding services. Or get in touch to find out more.